C is for Colón.

Can you spot Colón? (Colombus.)

He discovered America 519 years ago today. Can you spot him in his own plaza, in Madrid?

The 12th October is a national holiday in Spain, so if you are thinking of visiting the country on that day, be warned, all the shops will be closed!

So, happy Día de la Hispanidad, everyone. And Happy Saint’s Day to all those called Pilar – and thanks to all of those who remembered that I go by that same name!

In the spirit of the A to Z book, I’ll expand (a bit) on Colón.

Colón is also a very popular detergent in Spain – it’s even got its own song!

Quiero ser un bote de Colón
Y salir anunciado por la televisión.

Sung by the kings of the Movida, Alaska y los Pegamoides.

(For more on La Movida, see the A to Z’s chapter M is for Movida, coming soon…., find out when by clicking here.)

If you are talking about Colombus, make sure that you accent the word, or else you will be talking about his colon.

(Apologies for the slightly odd writing style today – I’m not sure whether I’m supposed to take the day off, being exiled and everything…)

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