The Chapters


A is for Amor
Love of Crowds and Cars.

B is for Botellón
Drinking habits and life in the Barrios.

C is for Corona
Democracy and the Royal Family.

D is for Duende
Flamenco and Lorca.

E is for Euro
Spain and Europe.

F is for Fútbol
Football and sport.

G is for Goya
Classic painters.

H is for ¡Hola!

I is for Inglés
Spain’s relationship with the U.K.

J is for ¡Joder!
Swearing and other slang.

K is for Kilómetro
Useful metrics and a Madrid famous landmark.

L is for Laico
The Church in Spain.

M is for Movida
The 80’s.

N is for Nupcias
Marriage and weddings in Spain.

Ñ is for Ñ

O is for ¡Olé!
Spanish traditions, including toros!

P is for Paraguas
The weather in Spain.

Q is for Quijote
Great classic writers.

R is for Refrán
Spanish sayings and proverbs.

S is for Sobremesa and Siesta
Long lunches and siestas.

T is for Tapas
Favourite foods.

U is for Uvas
Christmas traditions.

V is for Vino

W is for W.C.
Toilets (not many words begin with W in Spanish!)

Y is for Yo
Saints’ days.

Z is for Zarzuela
Musicals and theatre in Spain.


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