R is for Refrán

Thanks to @kathe_sl for inspiration for this post.

Kathe is my oldest friend ever (we used to play Charlie’s Angels together) and she now lives in Valencia (while I live in voluntary exile in London). She has just let me know that she knows the owners of ThinkSpain.com, who I follow on Twitter to keep up with what’s going on in Spain.

As Kathe mentions in her tweet message:

“El mundo es un pañuelo”

This REFRAN (saying) literally means, the world is a handkerchief – the English equivalent of “it’s a small world”. This has given rise to the popular scribble on the CARPETAS (folders) of teenagers:

“El mundo es un pañuelo y tú eres mi moco preferido.”

(The world is a handkerchief and you are my favourite boggie.)

Hm, I’ll leave you with this sticky thought on a sticky August London afternoon.