DRAFT: M is for Movida: Teachers’ Resources

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Cristina and Pilar

The A to Z of Spanish Culture is a useful little book to introduce students to Spanish Culture. The chapters are short and their content can be turned into a lesson plan. The book can also serve as a springboard from which students then explore those aspects they connect with most.

We are currently piloting developing this idea: creating exercises for students to explore the aspects covered in each chapter further. We have chosen M is for Movida for our first experiment. (And this might just show our age…)

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Extract from M is for Movida chapter

Actividad 1

A quién le importa

Actividad 2 – A quién le importa

Actividad 3 – Manual de la buena esposa

Actividad 4 – Qué dice la vecina


Actividad 5 (advanced) – Contexto histórico

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