P is for Puente

This Wednesday 12th October it’s a holiday in Spain.

The day Colombus discovered America and also the day in which the virgin appeared on top of a pillar – el día del Pilar, my Saint’s day!

So, many people will take Monday and Tuesday off to, thus creating a “bridge” between Sunday and Wednesday, during which they can take time off.

The “puentes” (literally, bridges) are those periods of time when a festive day during the week allows for other days to be taken off.

Happy bridge to all of those in Spain!

Virtual flowers for all those called Pilar.

4 thoughts on “P is for Puente

  1. Pilar Orti says:

    Thanks for helping to keep this blog up to date and relevant, Montse!

    Rajoy also mentions his intentions of bringing women’s salaries in line with men’s – if only that were as easy as moving a holiday to a Monday!

    Spain without its “puentes” will be strange…

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