Mission Accomplished!

Well, kind of.

The Kindle version of The A to Z of Spanish Culture is finally out.

I have also uploaded a version to Smashwords and so it will also soon be available from all e-book stores. I’m on my way to creating the paperback version, for those of you who still prefer to hold your book with both hands.

John Wolfendale in his Eco Vida blog described this blog as a “light-hearted look at Spain”. I think his description is spot on, not just for this blog, but also for the book as a whole.

So, if you fancy something light (and let’s face it, at the moment we need some lightness when thinking about Spain) to give you an insight into Spanish culture, life, history, art, traditions and even its language, click through to Smashwords or the Kindle store now. For £2.88, I hope you enjoy the trip.

T is for Twitter

Thanks to Twitter I have met a lovely group of people living in Spain who have plenty to share about the country’s past, present and possible future.

If you are looking for people to follow who can give you an insight into what is going on in Spain today, here are some suggestions. (And if you enjoy reading this blog, don’t forget to follow @aspanishculture.)
























(Image borrowed from http://psico-herramientas.blogspot.co.uk/2012/04/redes-sociales-twitter-espanol.html)