T is for Tomás en la Cocina


Tomás – not in his cocina, but in his lounge, surrounded by his creations.

I don’t really like cooking but I have recently been inspired to do so by a new book, written by my friend Tomás. It’s also inspired my mother, who made the budín de calabacín (courgette pudding) following the recipe to the letter and it was delicious!


Budín de calabacín

The book has 101 recipes for the inexperienced cook, including a very simple way of making tiramisú. I made it the other day and it was also delicious (if I may say so myself).

So, shameless plug for my friend Tomás’ book Tomás en la cocina. Recetas y secretos para principiantes and its new companion (published yesterday) Tomás en la cocina13 dulces tentaciones para 2013, which is made up of the desserts from the first book plus three new recipes.

The book.

The book.

¡Qué aproveche!

You can buy the ebooks from Lulu or Amazon.


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