J is for Jamón from José Jiménez

If you adore jamón and happen to be in Madrid, you must pop into the  charcutería owned by José Jiménez.

José is an amazing man who used to play tennis with my mother. You will always find him in good spirits, regardless of how hard he’s worked that day and believe you me, he works extremely hard.


If you are looking for any kind of embutidos, or even cheese, you can find a range of products of varying prices here. Ask for them to be vacuum packed (al vacío) if you are just visiting Madrid. If you are buying large quantities of ham ask for several packets, they will last longer.

Many years ago, José was astute enough to grab the opportunity to open his new business. He used to run the charcutería in a supermarket, which decided to raise his rent. As luck would have it, one day a customer told him that her daughter was closing down her small children’s clothes shop and the shop would be available if he wanted to open his own business. He jumped on board and has never looked back. A true entrepreneur.

If you do visit José, make sure you give him recuerdos from Pilar in London.


José Jimenez
68 Gaztambide, Madrid.

6 thoughts on “J is for Jamón from José Jiménez

  1. El jamón del bar José es famoso…..well practically everywhere! Strong recommendation from a trusted and native Spanish friend means I “give it the nod” even though I am not a meat eater!

  2. Pilar Orti says:

    Thanks for the vote of confidence, Steve! I’ve gone through periods when I’ve practically lived on this ham!

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