Q is for Quinielas

It’s Sunday!!!

If you are into football, this is your day.

If you are into football and you want to get rich quickly, today could be your day – if you play the Quinielas.

These are the football pools, fill in a little piece of paper. Cross out the relevant boxes for each football match. Give each match a “1” if you think the home team is going to win, a “2” if you think the visitors will be the winners and a “X” for a draw.

TIP: Don’t go for the obvious winners – if you get predict an unlikely win, you’ll get more cash.


3 thoughts on “Q is for Quinielas

    • Pilar Orti says:

      Playing the quinielas used to be soo popular – until they introduced the Loteria Primitiva which meant that people who didn’t know anything about football could change the piece of paper they were filling in randomly.

      From your comment, I gather your friend never won anything substantial??
      Thanks for stopping by!

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