2 thoughts on “D is for Desayuno

  1. i. says:

    Barrita con tomate is the big breakfast craze in Spain right now…although everpresent in many regions with different names (Pan Tumaca in Catalonia, Mollete con Tomate is certain provinces of Andalusia) it has recently become the craze across the country, The premise is simple: grate some tomato, then lightly toast some bread (better if it’s a large old-style bread, French style, but not baguette, something larger), then spread the grated tomato on the bread, add some salt and add some olive oil to further moisten the bread. In many areas people will start off by rubbing some garlic on the bread, but when you order “Barrita con Tomate” in an urban café they don’t usually give you this option…

    indeed a healthy savoury start to the day and a change to traditional croissants (“cruasán” or “curasán” depending on who’s talking!). ¡Buenos días!

  2. Pilar Orti says:

    Thanks for guiding us through preparing such a simple yet delicious breakfast!

    For others out there: what will it be, “cruasán” or “barrita con tomate”?

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