R is for Reseña


What the readers are saying:

As reviewed on amazon.es:

El libro es una herramienta indispensable para acercarse a la cultura y a la idiosincrasia española. La autora hace un repaso por diversos hitos culturales, sociales, geográficos, gastronómicos e históricos que revelan mucho de la conciencia de un país y de una sociedad que se encuentra a medio camino todavía entre la tradición y la modernidad.

Me lo he devorado en pocas horas y lo he disfrutado mucho. Realmente merece la pena comprarlo.

The book is an essential tool to get closer to Spanish idiosyncrasy and culture. The author presents various cultural, social, geographical, gastronomical and historical aspects which reveal much about the conscience of a country and society still half-way between tradition and modernity.

I devoured it in a few hours and have thoroughly enjoyed it. Really worth the purchase.

As reviewed on amazon.com

Do you remember those children’s books that were used to teach the alphabet or numbers by pairing each with an animal [E is for Elephant; D is for Donkey; G is for Giraffe; 6 is for six little monkeys … you get the point]. Well, this is kind of what this book is like, only it’s for adults. I don’t mean that in a derogatory way, as it’s actually a cute concept.

If you’re going to Spain–for the first time or for another trip–this book might provide a little insight about how things operate in Spain. The content isn’t totally new, as much of it is adequately covered in travel books [hours of dining, food choices, currency, common greetings, etc.]. There are a few nuggets that you won’t find in the travel guides, however [such as the fact that organ donation is mandatory in Spain, unless you choose to opt out].

At the end of the book, the author includes comments from people who read what she wrote and then offered their own reflections. This added a nice ‘first-hand’ account of the country and culture, outside of what the author shared.

Overall, the book is a quick, fun read. Keep in mind that Spain is a diverse country, however, and few generalizations can be made. The book doesn’t require a lot of mental effort, so it could be a good choice to read while on the plane, when you don’t want to exert a lot of brain-energy.

As spoken by Pilar’s cousin:

Prima, there are things in this book I didn’t know about.


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