Spain on the Web

I never quite got the fun of Twitter and Facebook until I started using it to gather information for this book. I’ve now met other writers and bloggers who share their thoughts and experiences in Spain. I would like to introduce you to them here; I hope they are of interest.

Matthew Hirtes
Dreaming of living in Gran Canaria? Let Matthew inspire you:

Graham Hunt
If you are thinking of setting up a new professional life somewhere in the remote sun, you might want to have a look at

Lauren Aloise
For a quick photo visit of Madrid and other destinations and if you are thinking of teaching English in Spain, visit (a very yummy title!).

Molly Sears-Piccavey
If you share a passion for Andalucía, this is the blog for you.

Alex Bramwell
To fantasise about being in the sun, visit Alex’s blog on Gran Canaria.

Lisa Sadleir
Travelling or relocating with your family to Spain? Browse through this site for tips and advice:

Ivor TNT
In love with English and Spanish? Just remember that translating is not that straight forward…

Maya Middlemiss
If you are an ex-pat making a living in Spain, have a look at

Matthew Bennett
Bilingual site. An excellent view of what’s going on right now in Spain.

Get tips on how to make your Spanish home more eco-friendy from

Victoria TweadChickens, Mules and two old fools.
If you fancy following the eccentric adventures of ex-pats in Spain, have a look at Victoria Twead’s books (in paperback and Kindle versions).

Simon HarrisGoing Native in Catalonia
Find out everything you need to know about Cataluña… and more!

Joe CawleyMore Ketchup than Salsa.
Laugh out loud with the confessions of this Tenerife barman.


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