C is for Consejo

In addition to The A to Z of Spanish Culture, I’ve written a few other books: all short and sharp. I seem to write best in short bursts and it also looks like I have a limited amount of things to say about each subject!

I first noticed this when I realised the best work I was doing with Forbidden Theatre Company was in the Freestyle Performances. These were short (20 mins or less) work in progress pieces where members of the Ensemble used to try out ideas for new plays and new styles. Some of my best writing and directing took place at this event. That, together with the fact that none of my books seem to be more than 100 print pages long has led me to believe that for me, short is best. (For those of you who’ve met me, you will probably see the double meaning in that last phrase.)

So having self-published some books, I think I have a little bit of advice (consejo) to give to anyone who is thinking of making money with non-fiction e-books. My first pearl of wisdom is: you won’t make that much money but it might just pay the bills.

If you are looking for more advice on this, head of to http://www.paidto.co.uk, where I have written a post titled Make Money Writing E-books. I hope it’s of help. (While you’re there, you might also want to read another of my posts: Networking and Learning through LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.)

While I’m on promotion mode, here are some of my other books. They are all available through the Kindle store and Smashwords, where you can purchase any type of e-book, including a PDF version. The A to Z of Spanish Culture and Your Handy Companion to Devising and Physical Theatre are also available as paperbacks from Amazon and Lulu. (I am to make the other two also available in paper, but it just takes a bit more time to get them ready.) Click on the photos for more information.








Thriving through Change at work cover









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