P is for Podcast

What would you like me to “Boo” about? Or would you like an audio version of any of the posts on this blog? Please Tweet your suggestions to @aspanishculture.

I had planned to create lots more podcasts on Spanish culture, I was even thinking of turning The A to Z of Spanish Culture into an audiobook. However, I can be a little bit of a perfectionist when it comes to creating pieces of audio (one of my jobs is as a Voiceover), so creating a podcast became very time consuming. The ones I have already created have a bit of music in them and also some special effects, such as S is of Siesta y Sobremesa, where I turned my voice into that of a man.

So now I have started to use Audioboo, I can create short podcasts and not feel bad if they are a little bit rough. They can only be 3 minutes long – I record them through my iPad (amazing microphone) via the Audioboo app and upload them. I don’t think about it too much and I don’t even listen back to them.(Wow, I’m such a rebel!)

So, here is the link to the Board, which currently has four podcasts about travelling on the metro, gratitude and the Ma Yansong exhibition in Madrid.





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